DBX DI4 Active 4-channel D.I. box

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Four (4) channel d.i. box, it can be used as a 4-line mixer as well. Each channel offers: 1 unbalanced 1/4\’\’ jack input, volume pot, pan pot, ground lift switch, attenuation switch (0, -20dB, -40dB). It also has a headphone output, four (4) balanced xlr outputs and one (1) unbalanced rca aux out. Dimensions: 44,5mm […]


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Four (4) channel d.i. box, it can be used as a 4-line mixer as well. Each channel offers: 1 unbalanced 1/4\’\’ jack input, volume pot, pan pot, ground lift switch, attenuation switch (0, -20dB, -40dB). It also has a headphone output, four (4) balanced xlr outputs and one (1) unbalanced rca aux out. Dimensions: 44,5mm x 230,6mm x 217mm. Weight: 1,75kg.

Weight 1.75 kg


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Four (4) channel d.i. box, it can be used as a 4-line mixer as well. Each channel offers: 1 unbalanced 1/4\'\' jack input, volume pot, pan pot, ground lift switch, attenuation switch (0, -20dB, -40dB). It also has a headphone output, four (4) balanced xlr outputs and one (1) unbalanced rca aux out. Dimensions: 44,5mm x 230,6mm x 217mm. Weight: 1,75kg.

Phantom or battery powered in a rugged steel chassis, with separate Speaker Level input connector
The ARX DI-PLUS represents another major step forward in active direct boxes. Packaged in
a single channel stand-alone format, the DI-PLUS represents a fresh look at active D.I. concepts.
Precision engineered
Ultra quiet, ultra clean circuitry delivers maximum headroom whatever the signal. Premium grade
components, plus an all-steel chassis gives excellent hum and noise specifications and superb
audio quality in a tough, roadworthy package.
Level control
The DI-PLUS features a Normal gain high impedance unbalanced input on the front panel, running to
a balanced XLR output on the rear. There is also a separate -40dB Speaker Level input for signal coming
from the External (auxiliary) speaker output of an amplifier. A a global Pad switch drops both the normal
input and the speaker input by a further 20dB, making it suitable for all applications, from the softest
keyboard to the hottest broadcast levels.
Battery compartment
The revolutionary simple 'clamshell' action of the DI-PLUS battery compartment makes battery changing
extremely easy, even on the darkest stages.
A 9v alkaline battery snaps into a PCB mounted battery holder for fast, secure location. No fragile battery
clip leads to break, no tools required, no screws to lose. Production crew heaven!
Automatic Phantom switching
The DI-PLUS will automatically switch itself to the console's own Phantom Power, if available, and an LED
will indicate this mode. Turn the Phantom Power off and it will instantly revert back to battery mode.
Rugged all-steel case
A lot of direct boxes are fitted into brittle cast alloy cases. Not this one! The tough all-steel inner and outer
chassis of the DI-PLUS provide excellent RF/EMF shielding while making it a sturdy, heavy duty unit that is
hard to dislodge, and hard to leave behind.
Rear panel showing XLR connector, ground lift switch, and captive screw for opening up the unit
for battery changing
Whether you're a Studio or Live Sound engineer, installation contractor, or broadcast engineer, you want all
the dynamics and clarity of the original sound source transferred to the mixing console. The ARX DI-PLUS
provides a rugged, no-compromise solution to all direct injection and signal balancing requirements.
T E C H N I C A L  S P E C I F I C A T I O N S:
Max Input Level
+13 dB Phantom powered
+6 dB Battery powered
Input Impedance 1 Meg Ohm
Max Output Level
+17 dB 10K Ohm load Phantom powered
+12 dB 10K Ohm load Battery powered
+11 dB 600 Ohm load Phantom powered
+12 dB 600 Ohm load Battery powered
Output Impedance 680 Ohms Balanced
Output Signal to Noise
-100 dB unweighted
-104 dB A weighted
Dynamic Range
117 dB 10K Ohm load Phantom powered
112 dB 10K Ohm load Battery powered
111 dB 600 Ohm load Phantom powered
107.5 dB 600 Ohm load Battery powered
100 Hz .0027%, 1KHz .0028%, 10KHz .0037%
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20KHz, ± 0.2 dB
Gain through Unit: 6dB (Normal input, Pad switch out)
Pad Switch: -20 dB attenuation
Speaker Input
-40 dB attenuation, equivalent to 100:1 decrease in input level
-60 dB attenuation available with Pad switch
Input Connectors
Insulated jacks (!!!Note that the Input connector switches the unit on
when a plug is inserted. Remove plug when storing to avoid battery drain!!!)
Output Connector
3 pin XLR. Wired Pin 1 Ground, Pin 2 + Hot, Pin 3 - Cold.
With Audio Ground (Pin 1) lift switch
All-steel chassis, fibreglass PCB
Battery Access
Twist connector opens chassis, snap-in battery holder inside.
No tools required

Active DI-Box SM-60

The electronic Direct-Injection Box SM-60 allows direct connection of electronic
music instruments such as keyboards, synthesizers, electric and electronic pianos,
etc. with mixing consoles in PA-systems and in recording studios.
The SM-6 is designed for applications, where a passive DI-Box does not perfom
satisfactorily, i.e., where the output level of a passive DI-Box is too low for the microphone
input section of the mixing desk.
Because the input impedance of the SM-6 is above 5 MOhm, instrument outputs are
not loaded or in any other way adversely affected. The voltage ratio from input to output
is 1: 1 and is always sufficient for connection with any microphone input. Input connectors
are 1/4" phone jacks, output connector is a Switchcraft D3M; output is 600 Ohms,
transformer balanced. The output level may in certain cases overload microphone inputs -
the line input section of the mixing console must then be used for connecting the SM-6.
The unit operates with a 9 V battery or phantom powering from 24 to 48 volts.

Technical Data

input impedance > 5 MOhm
max. input impedance + 6 dBu, 1,55V
ouptut impedance 600 Ohm
frequency response 20 ... 20000 Hz, ± 0,2 dB
gain 1 : 1
THD < 1 % at 30 Hz
       < 0,7 % bei 40 Hz
powering  9-V battery (IEC 6LF22) or
                 phantom power 24 ... 48 V.
inputs  two 1/4" phone jacks , unbalanced
          (one being used as output to instruments amp)
outputs  XLR, balanced
             pin 1 = ground, pin 2 = hot, pin 3 = cold
case aluminium die-cast
weight 240 g
dimensions 113 x 71 x 37 mm

Inline Transformer IA-2

The model IA-2 line matching transformers !S designed to properly match a low impedance
signal to a low impedance source. The advantage of "ground lift" switching allows to optmize
hum problems.
Technical Data
Frequency response 20 Hz - 20 KHz + 1 dB
Impedance 600 : 600 Ohm
THD K3 50 Hz = 0.5 %
Level < + 6 dBm
Weight 100 g
Dimensions diameter 17 mm, lenght 115 mm

At dbx, when we do something, we do it right. So when we decided to create our new direct injection boxes, we didnʼt settle for the same old tired approach to direct box design. With our dbx name on the line, how could we? One look at our new dB10 Passive and dB12 Active direct boxes will tell you that these are clearly different. With their bullet-proof construction, and extraordinary audio performance to rival their looks, finally thereʼs a direct box worthy of the dbx name.

Utilizing custom dbx mu-metal-shielded audio transformers, high-quality Neutrik® connectors, and low-noise circuitry preserves the sonic integrity and true characteristics of the signal source. Both boxes include a pad switch that accomodates instrument, line and even speaker level signals. Take even more control of your sound by utilizing the polarity invert switch to set the phase relationship between the direct and mic'd sound.

As a professional, you donʼt have time for interference, so weʼve included a ground lift switch to solve potential hum and buzz problems due to ground loops. And between the combined shielding of the cast metal chassis and the custom-wound transformer, you can be doubly assured of a clean signal free from interference. All of this sits atop a solid, stable footprint, that will keep the box from being dragged around the stage, and the unique contoured underside allows secure stacking of multiple units.

So whether you need to control the level, placement in the mix, or overall characteristics of 4 independent signals or control the gain leveling on a couple of stereo pairs, the dbx dB12 is for you.

  • Parallel 1/4" Thru Jack
  • Transformer Isolated
  • Premium Shielded Custom dbx Transformer
  • Balanced XLR Lo-Z Output
  • 3-Way 0/20/40 dB Pad Switch
  • Flat/High-Cut Filter Switch
  • Output Polarity Invert Switch
  • Ground Lift Switch
  • 4 Year Warranty!
  • Additional dB12 Features
    • Phantom Powered
    • Green LED Phantom Power Indicator
    • +48V Phantom Operation
    • Low-Noise Active Circuitr

    dB12 Specifications INPUT SECTION

    Input: 1 instrument/line/speaker level

    Connector: 1/4" jack

    Type: Unbalanced, RF filtered

    Impedance: 150k Ohm typical

    Max Input Level: +20dBu (0dB pad)
    +40dBu (20dB pad)
    +60dBu (40dB pad)


    Thru Output: 1 parallel connection from input jack

    Connector: 1/4" jack

    Type: Unbalanced, RF filtered

    Main Output: 1 line level

    Connector: XLR male jack

    Type: Balanced

    Impedance: 150 Ohm typical

    Max Output Level: 0dBu


    Transformer: Custom dbx mu-metal-shielded

    Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHz, +/-2.5dB




    Dimensions: 5.82" L X 5.44" W X 2.20" H (148 x 138 x 56mm)

    Weight: 1.4 lbs / 0.65 kg

    Note: Specifications subject to change without notice.

    Passive DI box. Jack input with paralell "THRU" output, transformer balanced XLR output. Attenuable input sensitivity, can handle both line level and speaker level signals.

    Product type DI Boxes
    Type passive
    Channels 1
    Inputs 1
    Input connectors 6.3 mm Jack
    Max. input level + 54 dBu
    Input impedance (@ 60 Hz) 60k Ohm(s)
    Input pad 0 / -30 dB
    Outputs 1
    THRU outputs/channel 1
    Output connectors 6.3 mm Jack , XLR
    Max. output level + 4 dBu
    Output impedance 600 Ohm(s)
    Frequency response 20 - 20000 Hz
    Transformer balanced yes
    Ratio 10 : 1
    Controls attenuator , ground lift
    Cabinet material sheet steel
    Cabinet surface powder coated
    Width 110 mm
    Depth 73 mm
    Height 42 mm
    Weight 0,34 kg


    Additional information
    Weight 1.75 kg
    Weight 0.60 kg
    Weight 0.24 kg
    Weight 0.10 kg
    Weight 1.00 kg
    Weight 0.34 kg