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Info Digital tuner with integrated magnet applied to the keys of the guitar. Rotatable 360 degrees, winds up guitar and bass, battery operated.


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Digital tuner with integrated magnet applied to the keys of the guitar. Rotatable 360 degrees, winds up guitar and bass, battery operated.

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Digital tuner with integrated magnet applied to the keys of the guitar. Rotatable 360 degrees, winds up guitar and bass, battery operated.

Monitor your instrument's environment! Announcing the Humidi-Beat; a portable metronome with a built-in thermometer and hygrometer.


  • Portable, full-featured metronome provides enhanced rhythm training for every instrumentalist
  • The built-in thermometer, humidity detector, and clock provide an easy way to care for the instrument by monitoring conditions inside the case during storage, moving, etc.
  • Beat-Counting display makes it easy to practice rhythms and phrasing
  • Tempo can be set using traditional Pendulum Steps, Full Steps, or Tap Tempo
  • Beat Mode offers from 0 to 9 Beats, plus 5 Patterns to practice any style of music
  • Convenient memory backup function recalls the users favorite settings
  • Battery-saving auto-power off function
  • Available in either Black (HB-1-BK) or White (HB-1-WH)

This personal metronome is an ideal practice aid for every band or orchestral player. When not in use, the built-in thermometer and hygrometer monitor the temperature and relative humidity inside the case, helping to protect and care for the instrument. A handy clock feature is also provided.

Specifications Tempo range:
Quarter Note = 30 to 252 BPM

Tempo accuracy:

Tempo setting:
3 Types: Pendulum Step
Full Step
Tap Tempo

Beat range:
Total 10 beats: "0 to 9" as "Quarter-note" Rhythm

Rhythm pattern:
Duplets, triplets, triplets with inner beats omitted, quadruplets, and quadruplets with inner beats omitted

Loud / Soft / Mute

Temperature measurement range:
Celsius 0-50?
Fahrenheit 32-122°F

Humidity measurement range:
20 to 90% RH

Display = 24 hours
Monthly difference = Less than ±30 seconds

Piezo Speaker

Power (Battery):
CR2032 lithium battery (3.0 V) x 1

Battery Life:
Approximately 80 hours (In case of "Tempo=120, Quadruple time, Volume=Full“)
Approximately 1 year (In case of "Clock" mode)

Dimensions (W x D x H):
90 x 16 x 30 mm / 3.5 x 0.63 x 1.18 inches (Body only, without protruding portions)

31 g / 1.09 oz (Including battery)

Included items:
CR2032 lithium battery (3.0 V) x 1 for checking operation; Ball chain for attaching to case.


Practice in style with the flagship of the Dr. Beat Metronome line. The new DB-90 is loaded with quality sounds and drum patterns to make your practice sessions less mundane and more musical. Thereʼs a Rhythm Coach function with an onboard mic, a reference-tone function for tuning, an Instrument input, MIDI input, and other handy tools to make learning fun and effective.

  • The most advanced metronome available
  • Trigger input to access unique Rhythm Coach exercises
  • MIDI in for syncing to external sequencer tempos
  • PCM sounds with "drum machine” style patterns
  • 50 memories
  • Human-voice count

MetronomeTempo: 30-250 (Accuracy: ±0.1%)
BEAT: (BEAT1) 1–9, (BEAT2) OFF/1–9
PATTERN: 8-BEAT x 4, 16-BEAT x 3, SHUFFLE x 3, FUNK x 2, JAZZ x 2, BLUES, TECHNO, HOUSE, COUNTRY, REGGAE, CLAVE 3-2, CLAVE 2-3, SALSA, RUMBA, BOSSA NOVA, SAMBA, WALTZ, TANGO, MAMBO, CHACHACHA, MARCH (30 kinds)RHYTHM COACHTime Check, Quiet Count, Gradual Up/Down, Step Up/DownReference ToneReference Pitch: A4=438 Hz-445 Hz (1 Hz steps)
Reference Tone Range: C2-B6 (5 octave, 12 semitone)MemoryMetronome: 50
Reference Tone: 10Auto Power Off functionTurns unit off after 60 minIndicatorsLCD Display, Tempo Indicator LED x 2ConnectorsTRIG IN jack
MIDI IN connector
PHONES jack x 2 (Stereo 1/4" phone type, Stereo miniature phone type)
INPUT jack
AC ADAPTOR jackPower SupplyDC-9V: Dry Battery (6LR61/9V, 6AM6/9V) or AC adaptor (PSA series)Current Draw85 mA (max.)AccessoriesDry Battery
Soft case
Ownerʼs ManualSize and Weight ( incl. battery )Width122 mm4-13/16 inchesDepth164 mm6-1/2 inchesHeight38 mm1-1/2 inchesWeight0.5 kg1 lbs.

The compact Korg KR mini blurs the line between a rhythm trainer and a drum machine, providing you with enough flexibility to program your own grooves, without being too difficult to use. Choose from 60 fun patterns and 120 fills covering rock, metal, pop, R&B, jazz, and more, or program your own using the set of 16 velocity-sensitive pads, and a chain function lets you arrange entire songs. Optional footswitches also let you start and stop your KR mini, as well as trigger fills. And since there's a speaker built into the battery-powered Korg KR mini, you can take it anywhere!


  • A small, portable, and easy-to-use rhythm machine
  • Easy-to-use layout lets you select a rhythm pattern, press the play button, and start jamming
  • 16 velocity-sensitive pads for finger drumming let you program your own rhythms with natural playing dynamics
  • Arrange your favorite rhythm patterns and fill-ins to create complete songs via the chain function
  • Footswitch inputs gives you hands-free control over fill-in/start/stop
  • Built-in 2W speaker lets you jam anywhere, without the need for extra speakers or headphones
  • Ultra-compact design easily fits in the accessory compartment in your case or gig bag
  • Runs on only 3 AA batteries or an optional AC adaptor
Specification Detail
Kits 9
Patterns 60 (54 + 6 user) + 120 Fills
Pads 16, velocity sensitive
Inputs No inputs
Power 3 x AA
Height 2.32“
Depth 6.5“
Width 6.83“
Weight 13.12 lbs.



Ψηφιακός μετρονόμος με αναδιπλούμενη οθόνη
υγρών κρυστάλλων εξαιρετικής ευκρίνειας.
Οθόνη υγρών κρυστάλλων πολλαπλών
ενδείξεων. Επιλογή 10 διαφορετικών ρυθμών και
6 χτυπημάτων τα οποία μπορούν να
συνδυαστούν. Tap Tempo για άμεση ρύθμιση
της ταχύτητας. Ενσωματωμένη γεννήτρια τόνου
για κούρδισμα με ρυθμιζόμενο pitch. Φωτιζόμενη
οθόνη με λειτουργία απενεργοποίησης όταν η
οθόνη αναδιπλωθεί.

Main features

  • Digital metronome with an extra large backlit LCD for excellent visibility.

  • Unique �Conducting Motion� display allows a natural-feeling sense of tempo.

  • Choose from two types of tempo steps: "Pendulum," or "Full“.

  • Ten different beats and six different rhythms can be combined.

  • Tap function lets you set the desired tempo.

  • The timer/stopwatch function lets you time your practice sessions up to 99 minutes.

  • You can use the Reference Pitch and Calibration functions to tune your instrument.

    Display Settings:
      Conducting display, Left/right motion display
      Tempo Range:
      30 to 252 beats per minute in quarter notes
      Tempo Settings:
      PENDULUM step, FULL step
      0-9 beats
      quarter, eighth, triplets, triplets with inner beat omitted, quadruplets, quadruplets with inner beat omitted
      Tempo Accuracy:
      Better than ±0.1 %
      Reference Tone:
      C4 (261.63 Hz) to C5 (523.25 Hz) One octave
      Calibration Range:
      A4 = 410 Hz to 480 Hz (1 Hz step)
      Sound Accuracy:
      Better than ±1.5 cents
      Headphones (1/8" mini), DC IN (9V)
      Dynamic speaker (ψ23 mm)
      Power Supply:
      Two AAA alkaline batteries (3V) or AC adapter
      Battery Life:
      Approximately 90 hours (when metronome is operating with alkaline batteries, tempo = 120, beat = 4, rhythm = quarter note, and back-light is off)
      3.98" (W) x 3.31" (D) x 0.81" (H) (folded)
      5.22 oz. (including batteries)
      Included Items:
      Two AAA batteries for checking operation and soft case

  • The MA-2 is a compact metronome that solidly covers all the basics with a broad tempo range and a rich variety of beats and rhythm patterns. The MA-2 also shows the beat in an innovative way that makes practicing easier. The MA-2 is available in your choice of two-tone color schemes: blue and black, or black and red. With stylish design and reliable functionality, this is an indispensible rhythm training aide for any musician.
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