KORG SV2-88 Vintage stage piano 88 keys

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The CP40 STAGE features a selection of voices from the CFIIIS of Yamahaʼs Premium hand-crafted grand piano, vintage EPs with VCM effects, and a variety of sounds based on our flagship MOTIF synth have been matched with an 88-note Graded Hammer action to provide the amazingly realistic piano touch and response.

Keyboard Type 88-Key Graded Hammer ( GH ) Keyboard Number of Keys 88 Keys Sensitivity Yes Number of Pedals - Λειτουργίες Πεντάλ - Number of Voices 297(CF:15, Rd:3, Wr:6, CP80:8, DX:18, Clav, Organ:49, Strings,Choir,PAD:67,Others:117,Others(Druμ)14 Number of Preset Songs - Number of preset Chords - USB Capability Yes Dual/Split Yes Mono/Poly - Metronome - MIDI Midi In / Out Speakers - Polyphony 128 Production Technology Sounds SCM ( Spectral Component Modeling ) + AWM2 Recorder Capability - Channels - Effects Reverb, Chorus, Master Compressor, Master EQ Stereo Sustain Samples - Key-off Samples - String Resonance - Style Creator - USB Audio Recorder - Transpose/ Tuning - Headphones Output Yes Είσοδος Μικροφώνου - Inputs/ Outputs UNBALANCED [L/MONO] and [R] OUTPUT jacks (standard mono-phone) Internet Direct Connection (IDC) - Dimensions (W x H x D) 133 x 16.3 x 35.2 cm. Weight 16,3 kg Color Black Accessories - 

The MPS20 is the ultimate "Pro-Consumer" portable piano for the home user, studio player, student, or pro gigging musician. The MPS20 more than doubles the amount of pianos & organs found on the MPS10. Included are 24 pianos featuring Kurzweil's newest "Pro Piano" program. With 100 rhythms & 10 drum kits, the MPS20 goes beyond conventional piano features including a built-in library of over 200 sounds taken from the PC3 series keyboard. Included are a variety of categories, each with their own custom default voice preset. These include, electric pianos, tone wheel organs, pipe organs, strings, vocals, orchestral ensembles, synthesizers, and many more to inspire creativity.

Keyboard: 88-Note, Graded Hammer-Action Keyboard (LK-40GH)
Keyboard Sensitivity: 10 selectable response levels
Display: Scrolling 4-character, dot-matrix LED
Polyphony: 64 note
Preset Programs: 200 Expressive sounds including award winning Triple Strike Grand Piano, all taken from the PC3. 
User Presets: 6, one-touch recallable "favorites“, providing quick access to customized selections.
General MIDI: No
Splits/Layers: Quick Split/Layer, easy access with adjustable relative volume
Transpose: Full transposition to any key, +/- two octaves
Tune: Adjust by Cents (+/- 100 cents)
Effects: Dual ambience and effect processors (reverberation and chorus). Rich and complex effects from the PC3 Series.
Drum Patterns: 100 pre-recorded interactive patterns in a variety of styles (incl. metronome)
Recorder/Sequencer: 2-Track; 20 song capacity.
Demo Songs: 51 classic piano demonstration songs
Sound System: 30-watt 4-speaker stereo sound system
Audio Outs: Stereo left/right 1/4" line outs (for connecting to external amplification)
Audio Ins: Stereo left/right 1/4" line ins (for connecting external sound sources)
Headphones: (2) 1/4" stereo headphone outs
MIDI I/O: In and Out connectors
USB: (1) port; "Plug and Play" USB functionality allows MIDI over USB for connecting to/from an external computer sequencer; no software driver needed
Pedals: (1) dual switch-type jack (single switch-pedal included); (1) jack for optional single Expression pedal
Finishes: Dark Gray
Bench: Matching bench optional

Instrument: 3.5in(H) x 51.6in(L) x 14.2in(D)

8.9cm(H) x 131.1cm(L) x 36.1cm(D)

Stand: 26.0in(H) x 51.2in(L) x 13.8in(D)

66.0cm(H) x 130.1cm(L) x 35.1cm(D)

Weight: 39.7 lb / 18.3 Kg

90-250V free voltage external power supply

(DC Power jack - 15VDC, 2.5A)


Keyboard:     76-note, organ-length, semi-weighted action with velocity sensitive adjustable keys
Display:     16 character LCD w/ front-panel contrast adjust
Polyphony:     64 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated
Multitimbral:     16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Quick Split/Layer:     Easy access with adjustable relative volume (up to 4 zones)
Factory Presets:     128 (taken from the acclaimed PC3 sound set, including select KB3 organs and KVA synths)
User Presets:     64
Factory MIDI Setups:     64
User MIDI Setups:     64 (with 4 programmable zones for splits and layers)
Effects:     Dozens of complex effect chains taken from the PC3, with everything from concert hall reverbs to amplifier simulations and rotary effects
Controllers:     Pitch wheel, modulation wheel, 1 front panel knob, 1 stereo switch-pedal input (supports two pedals with Y connector), 1 continuous control pedal input
Analog Outputs:     Two 1/4" balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)
Headphones:     1 rear panel 1/4" headphone output
MIDI:     In, Out
USB:     Complete MIDI functionality over USB
User program/setup file transfer to/from PC/Mac
Operating System updates from PC/Mac
FREE OS Updates:     OS updates over USB
FREE Sounds:     The SP4 can also load programs created on our PC3 and PC3LE series keyboards (*within the limits of the SP4's DSP resources). Additional sounds will also be available for download on our website (loaded over USB)

SP4-7 (SP76II) Specifications
Height:    (3.4“) (8.6 cm)
Depth:    (11.4“) (28.9 cm)
Length:    (43.6“) (110.8 cm)
Weight:    ( 24 lb.) (11 kg)
Power:     External 15VDC 1.0A power supply

Providing the ultimate in acoustic and vintage electric piano tone and touch, the CP1 is Yamaha's flagship designed for the demanding pro.
The development of the new CP series started with the no-compromise CP1. This is a premium instrument with a commitment to both tradition and innovation. The core sound technology inside the new CP Series was completely re-designed from the ground up. A unique new Spectral Component Modeling tone generation system recreates the sound of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos more faithfully than anything else has ever done. This new technology responds to the player's touch allowing more creative expression than ever before possible. Yamaha even developed a special NW-STAGE wooden key action specifically to meet the demands of top pros. Simply put, this combination of touch and tone make the CP1 the most expressive stage piano that has ever been created.
A unique new SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) tone generation system faithfully recreates the 17 selected sounds of acoustic and vintage electronic pianos and responds to the player's touch to provide more creative expression than ever before possible. *The Spectral Component Modeling system starts with a fundamentally different tone generation system than Yamaha has ever used before. By combining Sampling and Modeling technology, it optimizes tone generation for each instrument so that every nuance of the player's touch is translated into expressive tone.
Using technology and experience from 100 of building Yamaha Acoustic Pianos, the new 88-key NW-STAGE wooden keyboard offers the perfect playability for stage performance . It minimizes keyboard vibration, and the synthetic ivory keytops feel great when your are playing. This keyboard technology effortlessly reproduces the true feeling of acoustic and electric pianos.

Allowing you to freely build your own acoustic and electric pianos by selecting different components of piano types, amplifiers, and effects, the Spectral Component Modeling technology makes easy work of recreating standard vintage sounds or realizing unique, original sonic palettes. With your instruments assembled, you can then adjust various parameters of the physical components like 'Hammer Stiffness' or 'Stiriking Position' to create an even more diverse range of exciting piano sounds.
Using the CP1's master-keyboard function, which has been specially crafted for use on-stage, up to four virtual zones can be setup on the keyboard and assigned to four different tone generators, including other MIDI instrument.

Each individual part of the CP1 was specifically designed to reflect Yamaha's commitment to making a timeless instrument with lasting value. The classic wooden side panels and the vintage textured top call up memories of legendary keyboards of the past. The brilliant vacuum florescent display, brushed aluminum volume knob and illuminated Yamaha logo reflect the state-of-the-art, cutting edge technology under the hood. The knobs, switches and intuitive user interface are all laid out for optimum ease of use in performance. All these design elements come together to make a stunning visual statement on stage.

Keyboard Type NW Stage Keyboard Number of Keys 88 Keys Sensitivity Yes Number of Voices 17 USB Capability Yes MIDI In/Out/Thru Polyphony 128 Production Technology Sounds SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) Effects Reverb, Master Equalizer, Modulation Effect Block, Power-Amplifier / Compressor Block Headphones Output Yes Inputs/ Outputs Foot Switch, Foot Controller, USB to Host/Device, Headphones Dimensions (W x H x D) 138 x 17.3 x 42 cm Weight 27.2 kg Color Black Accessories Power cord, Pedal unit, Illustrated Guide to the CP1 booklet, Owner's Manual, Data List booklet 

The most advanced keyboard to ever wear the Kurzweil logo.
New, hand-selected German and vintage Japanese concert grand pianos, as well as new Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav, Harpsichord, Orchestral Percussion, Celeste, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Bells and Crotales along with a wide selection of sounds from the acclaimed PC3 and KORE 64™ expansion, all delivered with unprecedented expressiveness and an obsessive attention to detail.
Flash-Play™ provides the Forte™ with a staggering amount of horse-power; 16 GB sample content with zero-loading time, heaping mounds of powerful DSP and ultrafast performance.
Modeled after classic Hammond, Vox and Farfisa organs. Featuring all the controls you want and more, including 9 realistic drawbars.

Keyboard:     88 note fully-weighted hammer-action with velocity and aftertouch sensitive keys (Fatar TP/40L)
Display:     480x272 pixel color LCD with front-panel contrast adjust
Polyphony:     128 Voice Polyphony, dynamically allocated
Multitimbral:     16 parts (one per MIDI channel)
Quick Split/Layer:     Easy access with adjustable relative volume (up to 4 zones)
Factory Programs:     309 Stunning factory Programs featuring the all new vintage Japanese and German Grands, new Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Clav, Harpsichord, Orchestral Percussion, Celeste, Glockenspiel, Chimes, Bells and Crotales along with a wide selection of sounds from the acclaimed PC3 and KORE 64™ expansion
User Programs:     1024
Factory Multis:     149 Factory-crafted Multis - featuring up to 4 independent zones
User Multis:     1024
General MIDI:     No
Master EQ/Compressor Section:     Front-panel 3-band EQ with sweepable mid and on/off switch
Front-panel single-knob master compressor with separate on/off bypass switch
Effects:     • Over 1000 complex effect chains, incorporated into programs featuring our award winning effects - reverbs, delays, chorus, flange, phaser, EQs, distortions, rotary speaker simulators, compressors, and more
• 32 total FX units
(editing of FXChains requires use of the Desktop Editor)
Controllers:     1 pitch wheel
1 modulation wheel
9 front panel sliders (w/ LED ladders)
9 switches (assignable/zone mutes/KB3 control)
1 variation switch
1 tap tempo switch
2 transpose switches
3 switch pedal inputs (1 switch/sustain pedal is included)
2 continuous control pedal inputs
monopressure (aftertouch)
Analog Outputs:     • Four (2 pairs) 1/4" balanced TRS analog (24-bit DACs)
Automatic mono switching on both pairs.
• +21dBu maximum output
• 400Ω balanced source impedance
Audio Inputs:     One stereo 1/8" back-panel input for connecting your favorite MP3 player or other audio source for accompaniment playback
Headphones:     • 1 front panel 1/4" headphone output
• 130mW into 32 ohm headphones
MIDI:     In, Thru, Out (w/ Thru/Out switch)
USB:     • Two USB ports (one A port / one B port)
• Complete MIDI functionality over USB
• User program/multi file transfer to/from PC/Mac/Flash Drive
• Operating System updates from PC/Mac/Flash Drive
Software Editors:     External editors for Mac OS X, Windows PC and iOS devices (coming soon)
FREE OS Updates:     OS updates over USB and/or Flash Drive
Included Accessories:     Power cable, Switch pedal, USB cable, (4) self adhesive feet
Height:     (5.5“) (14cm)
Depth:     (15.5“) (39.5cm)
Length:     (54.5“) (138.5cm)
Weight:     (49.6 lb.) (22.5 kg)
Power:     Internal Power Supply, free voltage 100-240VAC 50/60Hz, 10W

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