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Serious Power for Native Audio Workstations Mobility PowerCore is the open DSP-platform for rackmount-quality processing inside any VST or AudioUnit compatible audio application such as Logic, Cubase, Nuendo or Performer. The new PowerCore FireWire enables laptop users and professionals constantly on the move to take advantage of the wide selection of professional tools. Power Even […]


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Serious Power for Native Audio Workstations

PowerCore is the open DSP-platform for rackmount-quality processing inside any
VST or AudioUnit compatible audio application such as Logic, Cubase, Nuendo
or Performer. The new PowerCore FireWire enables laptop users and professionals
constantly on the move to take advantage of the wide selection of professional tools.
Even complex mixes are possible with just a laptop and one PowerCore FireWire,
as it is offering almost twice the power of the PCI-card version! The unique combination
of a floating-point PowerPC with 4 Motorola DSPs ensures tight integration into the
native world ? at the same time maintaining all of the advantages that DSPs offer for
pristine signal processing.
PowerCore?s software and hardware provide the utmost quality and a future-proof design.
Extremely power demanding tools like Mastering Dynamics, Reverbs and other
professional virtual processors run on PowerCore without draining the host computer?s
PowerCore FireWire delivers an array of powerful tools right out of the box. The nine
virtual processors included feature the most complete collection of dynamics
 processing available, including a virtual Finalizer (Master X), Vintage Compression
and a Voice Channel Strip. Not to mention the two TC-quality Reverbs, Modulation
Effects, EQ, Synthesis…
Aside from the included software, PowerCore users may choose from the growing
number of optional TC and 3rd party tools, featuring renowned brands such as Waldorf,
Sony, TC-Helicon, DSound – and many more to come. Naturally, the PCI-card and the
FireWire version of PowerCore may be used in the same system!
Includes Plug-Ins:
24 / 7-C Virtual Limiting Amplifier
Convincing vintage compression and limiting using one of the most desired vintage models
for PowerCore! 24/7?C was inspired by one of the vintage processors synonymous with
classic dynamics processing for mixing and mastering. This Plug-In recreates the details of
the sound and user interface of this hardware processor as closely as possible, delivering
virtual vintage at its best. The user interface is simple and straight-forward: increasing the
input will drive the limiter depending on the selected ratio. Even the famous 4-Button-mode
was implemented. A special new feature is an Auto-Gain sensing for the Output parameter,
that adjusts the output depending on the program material. Four stereo or up to six mono
instances of 24/7-C run on just one of PowerCore?s DSPs, without taxing the CPU.

Modeled Algorithm
4, 8, 12, 20 and “4-Button” Ratios
Super-Fast Attack and Release
Adjustable Auto-Output Gain
24/96 processing
6 mono or 4 stereo per DSP in 48 kHz

Classic Verb Processor
The new Classic Verb enhances the out-of-the-box reverb flexibility of PowerCore
significantly! This new processor adds the other category of warm, lush reverb effects
often associated with big expensive hardware processors to the effects menu. It is a
whole different way to create the effect compared with our usual reverb philosophy,
and the natural sounding reverbs provided by Mega Reverb.

Different design and sound from Mega Reverb
16 different types: Classic Hall, Vocal Studio, Room, Hall, Drum Box, Drum Room,
Large Cathedral, Ambience, Live Reverb, Spring, Plate 1, Plate 2, Club, Living Room,
Concert Hall
Lo and Hi Color Offset Parameter
Hi-Cut Filter
24/96 processing
loads of presets
2 per DSP in 48 kHz

Mega Reverb Hi-End Reverb
The unique algorithms are based on years of ongoing research and the core technology
of the TC Electronic M5000 hi-end studio processor. With even better diffusion, denser
tails and more realistic room impressions than ever before, Mega Reverb provides the
ultimate plug-in reverb solution for PowerCore.

Reverb algorithms core 1 and 2 from the TC M5000
New Diffusion and Tail Tuning
6 room shapes, modeled after real rooms: Hall, Fan, Prism, HorseShoe, Small and Club
3-Band Tail
Separate Early Reflections and Tail Controls
Hi-Cut Filter
True Stereo processing
100 presets
24/96 processing
2 per DSP in 48 kHz

Chorus-Delay Modulation Multi-FX
Chorus-Delay provides the trademark TC Electronic chorus sound. It recreates the
1210 Spatial Expander with its unique modulation images like Chorus, Flanging
and Slap Delay with very flexible routing and filtering facilities. Of course you can
adjust the modulation speed in BPM.

Brings the classic TC1210 sound to your workstation
10 great Chorus, Flanging and Slap Echo delay effects
Hi-Cut filter
Flexible routing
24/96 processing
2 stereo per DSP in 48 kHz

EQSAT Hi-Performance EQ
EQSAT is a very clean sounding and carefully crafted EQ-model for any application
including mastering. The processor provides 5 bands with 3 parametric ones and 2
additional shelving bands. The frequency response display gives instant feedback on
the applied equalization curve. And what?s more, the unique saturation emulation can
be activated to create that warm, analog sound whenever desired.

SoftSat for warm, analogue sound
3 parametric bands with Frequency, Gain and Bandwith controls
Hi and Lo Band with Frequency, Gain and Slope controls
Boost/Cut up to 18dB per band
Boost/Cut frequencies with pinpoint accuracy
24/96 processing
3 stereo / 4 mono EQSat per DSP in 48 kHz

Voice Strip Voice Channel
This complete voice processing channel includes all tools required for vocal sound
adjustment: Compression, De-Essing, a dedicated Voice EQ, Lo Cut Filter and Gate.
Compression and EQ are modeled after classic hardware devices that deliver hi-end
vintage tube sound, but naturally Voice Strip can also be used for subtle processing.
All modules can be run simultaneously providing you with instant total recall for
professional voice sound!

Tube Compression model
Tube EQ model
Level-independent De-Esser
Lo Cut Filter
SoftSat? algorithm
24/96 processing
2 stereo per DSP in 48 kHz

Vintage CL Channel Compressor-Limiter
Hi-quality compression and limiting on each channel is very hard to realize when
limited to native processing only. Vintage CL delivers just that ? up to 28 Vintage
CLs can be run on one PowerCore card, or 7 per DSP. In spite of this efficiency,
Vintage CL employs a carefully crafted algorithm ? emulating the behavior of industry-
standard analog compression devices, best imagined as “dbx-style” to use a classic
reference, delivering comparable results in the hardware world.

Highly efficient channel Compressor and Limiter
Compressor employs “transistor” model
Limiter with SoftSat?
24/96 processing
7 mono per DSP in 48 kHz

PowerCore 01 Synthesizer
PowerCore is an open platform with a lot of potential to grow even further ? PowerCore 01
is the first taste of synthesis technology to come. This mono-synth will deliver results
similar to the famous SH-101, with some added features like velocity and drive. Punchy Bass
lines, synthetic percussion sounds or synth-leads ? PowerCore 01 can do it all!

Mono synth
Virtual analog, no samples
Filter with self-oscillation
Drive section: instant TB-like sounds
24/96 processing
2 per DSP in 48 kHz
4 Skins: Grey, Blue, Red and Ashes

Virtual Finalizer
Knock out Punch for any mixes or masters. Period. Master X3 is the virtual incarnation
of the TC Electronic Finalizer — the standard mastering processor in the pro audio field.
Master X expedites the mastering process by integrating several phases of mastering
into a single, easy to use interface. It features multi-band processing with expansion,
compression and limiting separately for each band. High quality uncorrelated dithering is
included as well. The intuitive user interface features many new ideas to make the critical
mastering process faster and easier. The overall processing characteristics are controlled
via “Target Curves” that simplify the handling by providing a global processing style for all
bands in all modules. The interaction between the bands can be fine tuned by applying
“Target Factors” which determine the frequency focus of each processing module, significantly
reducing the number of required user parameters to set this complex process up. “Soft Clipping”
even provides “analog” sound whenever desired.

3-Band processing with adjustable crossovers
Dithering (uncorrelated)
Look-Ahead feature of up to 10 ms
Adjustable Digital Ceiling with accuracy of up to 0.05 dB
Hi-Res Metering with selectable Hold Modes
Consecutive Clippings counter
2 per DSP in 48 kHz

Technical Description:
4 x Motorola 56K DSPs running at 150 MHz
512kWords of SRAM per DSP
1 x Motorola PowerPC running at 266 MHz
8 MB DRAM for the PowerPC
3 FireWire pass thru connectors (to connect more than one device on one bus)
400 MBit Firewire Connection

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