YAMAHA DTX-432K Electronic Drums Set

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Yamaha DTX432K E-Drum Set, DTX402 drum module with 287 sounds, 10 user kits, metronome, 10 coaching programs, 1/4″ jack headphones/output, stereo 1/8″ jack Aux In, USB for connections via MIDI, input on bass drum pad for an additional single zone drumpad, Set Configuration: 4x 7,5″ single zone snare/tom pad, 1x KP65 Kick Pad including FP6110A […]


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Yamaha DTX432K E-Drum Set, DTX402 drum module with 287 sounds, 10 user kits, metronome, 10 coaching programs, 1/4″ jack headphones/output, stereo 1/8″ jack Aux In, USB for connections via MIDI, input on bass drum pad for an additional single zone drumpad, Set Configuration: 4x 7,5″ single zone snare/tom pad, 1x KP65 Kick Pad including FP6110A pedal, 3x 10″ single zone beckenpad, 1x HH65 hi-hat controller, drumrack, cables, tuning key, delivery without sticks, throne and headphones.

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ImageAKAI MPC Studio II - Akai
SKUI030.00113CH-01 CLIPHITI030.00109J43AK00032WD-X-GLBWAVEDRUM
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  • Integrated Hardware/Software System
  • Compact Design
  • 16 Full-Sized Vel Sensitive RGB Pads
  • Color LCD for Browsing and Editing
  • Touch Strip Controller
  • USB-Powered
  • Full Production Suite and DAW
  • 128-Track Sequencing
  • Over 100 Instruments and Effects

Yamaha DTX432K E-Drum Set, DTX402 drum module with 287 sounds, 10 user kits, metronome, 10 coaching programs, 1/4" jack headphones/output, stereo 1/8" jack Aux In, USB for connections via MIDI, input on bass drum pad for an additional single zone drumpad, Set Configuration: 4x 7,5" single zone snare/tom pad, 1x KP65 Kick Pad including FP6110A pedal, 3x 10" single zone beckenpad, 1x HH65 hi-hat controller, drumrack, cables, tuning key, delivery without sticks, throne and headphones.

Product Description The CLIPHIT is a new electric drum kit that's ideal for drum practice at home or for casual playing. Attach the clips with their internal sensor to a magazine, desk, or almost any surface, transforming it into a snare, hi-hat, or cymbal. You can also attach these clips to practice pads, using them to play drums or any of the programmed EFX sounds that include dog sounds, cat sounds, hand clapping. CLIPHIT will breathe new life into your drum practice, and is a great way to enhance your experience and creativity. Box Contains 1 xClipHit module
1 x Pedal switch
3 x Clip-on sensors
4 x AA test batteries

Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module & Sensor,

Features  : 

  • 757 Sounds
  • 50 Preset Scenes
  • 200 User Scenes
  • 32MB space for importing WAV samples
  • 11 reverb effects
  • Metronome
  • 3x 6.3mm stereo 1/4" jack trigger inputs for max. 6 mono triggers
  • 1/4" jack main outputs
  • Stereo 1/4" jack stereo headphone output
  • Stereo 1/8" jack stereo aux in
  • USB to device 
  • USB to host 
  • Footswitch input
  • Sensor is mounted on bass drum hoop
  • Has one trigger and two integrated microphones and records the whole drum set
  • Mixing of acoustic and electronic sounds within the drum module
  • Power supply,
Producers and musicians looking for a complete music production platform based on the legendary MPC workflow will be thrilled with the Akai Professional MPC Studio, a complete system that combines intuitive hardware control and innovative, inspiring software. The high-quality controller features 16 full-sized velocity-sensitive RGB pads to ensure maximum expression and control for notes, chords, and percussion. The full-color LCD provides feedback for browsing, waveform editing, and adjusting parameters. The Touch Strip Controller offers dynamic real-time control and manipulation of knobs, sliders, and parameters for creating your signature sound. Use it to create pad swells, hi-hat rolls, and articulated strumming of guitar samples. The MPC Studio controller features two 3.5mm MIDI input/output jacks, which work with the included adapters to provide 5-pin DIN MIDI connectors for additional hardware. The controller is powered via USB. The included MPC2 software is a cutting-edge production suite and DAW that combines 128-track sequencing, real-time time stretching, and advanced MIDI editing capabilities. What's more: The software is VST compatible and includes numerous instruments including the legendary AIR Hype, AIR Mellotron, AIR Solina, and WayOutWare Odyssey among others. A suite of modern effects plug-ins including a finalizing limiter round out the infinite music and beat making possibilities. The MPC Studio includes a USB cable, two 3.5mm to 5-pin DIN adapters, and a software download card.

At a Glance

  • 16 Full Size Velocity Sensitive RGB Pads ensure maximum expression and control for notes, chords, and percussion
  • Color LCD offers visual feedback for browsing samples, editing waveforms, and adjusting parameters
  • Touch Strip Controller for dynamic real-time control and manipulation of knobs, sliders and parameters for creating your own signature sounds
  • 3.5mm MIDI I/O for seamless integration with MIDI devices and hardware
  • USB Bus Powered controller offers portable music production
  • A Full DAW experience including MPC2 Software for limitless creative possibilities and rendering finalized polished masters

Complete MPC System

  • MPC Studio brings the total MPC experience to your computer by combining intuitive hardware control and innovative, inspiring software.
  • Load a loop from the library, chop it into samples, lay down a beat, then play instruments over it to add more melodic textures.
  • Add some insert effects to develop your song structure and arrangement, or to build drops and transitions.
  • MPC Studio makes your workflow one continuous stream of non-stop creativity.

Premium Pads

  • Pad performance is the top priority for any beat maker. With MPC Studio, you can be confident that every beat and note will be right on time, every time.
  • Velocity-sensitive RGB pads mean maximum expression, whether you're playing soft melodies or booming kick drums with colored visuals to keep track of your velocities and pad groupings.
  • Switch from Note to Chord Mode quickly and build out your tracks right as inspiration strikes.

Assignable Touch-Strip Control and Expression

  • Create your own signature sounds with the assignable Touch Strip.
  • This fluid controller bends and shapes your sounds however you want.
  • Make that pad synth more mysterious with a swell, control the roll of your hi-hats to fill your trap drumbeat, or make that guitar part more realistic by articulating the strum right where you need it.
  • Assign any of the numerous knobs, sliders, and parameters to the Touch Strip for new and inventive manipulation of any track.
  • Add dynamic and real-time Touch Strip effects for the ultimate live production and performance.

Color Screen for Vibrant Feedback

  • When you’re locked in the creative moment, the vibrant color screen ensures you can keep your hands on the MPC Studio and your focus on the music.
  • Whether you need to trim a waveform, browse through instruments, samples, and plug-in presets, or adjust parameters on the fly, the screen gives you the visual feedback you need in a moment’s glance without having to stop your workflow and reach for your laptop.
  • When it comes to your musical efficiency, every moment matters, and every move needs to help you effectively capture your ideas to finish your songs faster.

World-Class Plug-In and Effects

  • MPC Studio includes an extended palette of sounds, instruments, drum samples, loops, insert effects, and much more to both spark your creativity and complete any music project or task.
  • With over 100 instrument and effects plug-ins combined, MPC Studio can tackle any style or genre of music with rich, inspiring sound.
  • The modern-day beat making insert effects plug-ins are powered by award-winning AIR Music Tech. with powerful editing, arranging, and mixing tools including the AIR Vocal Suite.
  • Create, record, and mix the perfect vocals with the Vocal Suite to add everything from pitch correction, to harmonizing, to thickening your vocals and audio tracks with the AIR Doubler.

MPC2 Software

  • Akai Professional’s acclaimed MPC2 Software works seamlessly with MPC Studio for the ultimate beat making and music production experience.
  • This cutting-edge production suite and DAW combines 128-track sequencing capability, real-time time stretching, advanced MIDI editing capability, VST compatibility, and numerous plug-in instruments and Insert Effects for creating and mastering professional finished songs and tracks.
  • MPC2 software has a dedicated set of plug-ins to record and produce the perfect vocal recordings with the AIR Vocal Suite including automatic vocal tuning, vocal doubling, and vocal harmonizing.
  • Legendary plug-in instruments including AIR Hype, AIR Mellotron, AIR Solina, and WayOutWare Odyssey, among others, offer a plethora of world-class sounds and presets to sculpt the perfect mastertrack.
  • A massive suite of modern plug-in Insert Effects powered by AIR Music Tech — including a Limiter for finalizing tracks— rounds out the infinite music and beat making possibilities.
Pads 16 x Velocity- and Pressure-Sensitive Pads, RGB Backlit 8 x Banks Accessible via Pad Bank Buttons
Control Knob 360° Push Encoder for Display Navigation and Selection
Touch Strip Multifunction 5.5" / 14 cm Touch-Capacitive Controller with LED Indicators
Buttons 39 x LED Backlit Dedicated Function Buttons
Display Full-Color LCD
Connections 1/8" / 3.5 mm MIDI Input 1/8" / 3.5 mm MIDI Output USB Type-B Port
Power USB
Dimensions 12.0 x 6.7 x 1.5" / 30.5 x 17 x 3.8 cm
Weight 1.8 lb / 0.8 kg
Info The new Wavedrum Global Edition represents the next and most powerful evolution in the Wavedrum family. It boasts the largest palette of cutting-edge sounds of any Wavedrum to date; with sought-after percussion sounds from around the world, a major boost in the quality of each sound, and dramatic improvements in usability. In 2009, Korg unveiled Wavedrum WD-X, a revival of the original Wavedrum that debuted in 1994. The reimagined ʽ09 Wavedrum had a stunning impact as a performance tool that brought new expressive power to musicians?from users of the original Wavedrum to forward-looking percussionists. Subsequent models included Wavedrum Oriental with its added Arabic sounds, Wavedrum Mini with its unique sensor clip, as well as limited edition color models, and the instrument's unbounded potential has continued to accelerate the spread of Wavedrum mania throughout the world. Highlights: 2nd Generation Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer that provides unparalleled musical expression A sound engine that combines DSP-powered algorithms with PCM sounds to allow versatile and highly flexible performances A pressure sensor and multiple pickups capture the subtle nuances of your strikes on the head and rim, generating expressive power and new sounds Increased pickup precision provides improved dynamic range for low and high pitches, as well as enhanced response for soft sounds, making the instrument more sensitive Play different sounds from the head and rim, or apply pressure effects on the head to create performance techniques that are possible only on the Wavedrum 200 preset programs cover a vast range of sounds from classic percussion to unique and novel sounds 200 user programs are available for storing customized sounds and settings A new input sensitivity parameter has been added, supporting a wide range of users from beginners to pros Fundamental sounds such as acoustic instruments have been enhanced Live Mode stores up to 12 settings (4 favorite programs x 3 Banks) for instant recall Compact and light-weight design; use as an individual instrument, or mixed in with a traditional drum kit or any performance/percussion rig 140 loop phrases of various genres allow Wavedrum users to jam along or practice to them AUX input allows monitoring or mixing of any audio source?CD, MP3, even a second WavedrumIt's back, and better than ever The original Korg Wavedrum amazed the music world back in 1994. This legendary musical instrument was instantly famous for its innovative design, performance possibilities, and unique sounds. Well, hang on tight; the power-packed, affordable next-generation Wavedrum Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer is here today and ready to make musical history. Again. The Power of the Dark Side Step away from the ordinary. Now you can stand out from the crowd with the Wavedrum Black Limited Edition. Featuring an unmistakably premium look, the Wavedrum Black is finished with a solid black metallic rim and an exclusive BLACK SUEDETM Remo drum head - projecting a totally different vibe than the cool aura of the original silver scheme. With the Wavedrum Black Limited Edition, you'll find yourself inspired like never before. Wavedrum - Unprecedented sound, response, and performance Sonically rich, programmable, and intensely sensitive, this 2nd generation Wavedrum is bursting with more than enough power and expression to create its own musical legend. The extreme dynamic range challenges the response of an acoustic instrument. Wavedrum responds instantly to any and all playing styles, from subtly-nuanced tapping and stroking to aggressive, rhythmic assaults. From traditional acoustic percussion instruments to unique sounds previously impossible to obtain, Wavedrum serves up an enticing treasure trove of sounds. With Wavedrum, you're always in control. Instruments that normally require special techniques to play, such as tabla, conga, etc., can be played with ease. Create your own unique performance style, filled with unparalleled levels of expression and originality. Built to travel, the compact and lightweight Wavedrum is ideal wherever your musical dreams take you - from casual playing through to a full-on recording session or a live concert performance. Open the door to new musical journeys The Korg Wavedrum delivers inspiration and satisfaction to creative performers seeking new realms of expressiveness and sounds. Moving beyond traditional drum and percussion sounds, Wavedrum also provides totally new and unique sounds that are not available in the real world, and offers new ways of playing to achieve new levels of musical expression. Imagine changing the pitch randomly with each hit, or playing melodic phrases simply by choosing a musical scale and applying pressure to the head. Imagine no more, Wavedrum does it all. While opening new doors, Wavedrum is faithful to its roots. Traditional hand-drum techniques, such as adding pitch and tonal changes to a strike by pressing the head, have been previously unobtainable on an electronic instrument. No longer. Wavedrum can process and respond to these intimate performance gestures as no other instrument can. These same techniques provide a wealth of performance possibilities. For example, Wavedrum can produce sitar and tambura sounds at the same time. You can produce tambura sounds alone by hitting the head, adding the sitar sounds by applying pressure to the head before hitting it. Applying further pressure can change the pitch of the sitar within the selected scale. Only Wavedrum is able to offer such astounding versatility. Multiple sensors deliver previously unimaginable expressiveness Acoustic percussion instruments produce sound naturally, in direct response to a physical impact, be it gentle or abrupt. Wavedrum, although an electronic musical instrument, creates sound exactly the same way. The head and rim pickups are directly used as a sound source to be processed by the DSP (Digital Signal Processing) algorithms, and they also trigger the PCM sound engine. Together with the pressure sensor under the head, the Wavedrum responds to each and every subtle finger and hand motion (hitting, rubbing, scratching etc). as well as to the traditional hand drum techniques of open shot, slap shot, heel and toe, mute, etc. Of course, the Wavedrum responds not just to your hands, but to other playing materials as well, such as sticks, mallets, and brushes. The rim has two types of notches, small and large, and these can be used to elicit a tremolo-type effect by scratching with sticks, etc. Combining the rim sounds with the head sounds can create an even richer, more original performance. DSP synthesis and PCM samples combine for endless sonic exploration The Wavedrum contains 36 DSP algorithms to conjure an abundance of synthesis methods; analog, additive, non-linear, physical modeling, etc. Using these building blocks, you can create various instrument sounds, natural sounds, or purely synthetic sounds - in addition to Wavedrum's own unique voice. The PCM sound engine - the other important part of Wavedrum's sound creation system - contains 200 sampled sounds; 100 for the head, and 100 for the rim, with velocity-switching capabilities. Certain algorithms allow you to combine a specific DSP method and a PCM instrument to the head, and assign a different combination to the rim. This method of controlling multiple sounds within a single program delivers a fantastic playing experience, rich in sound. In other algorithms, the velocity and tone of the strike are used to control the PCM sound, creating a responsive interaction that far surpasses any sample-playback device, one rivaling that of an acoustic instrument. Planet-wide percussion Wavedrum begins with a foundation of traditional pop/rock drum sounds such as snares, kick drums, tom toms, and more. Wavedrum also opens new vistas of sound, delivering a wealth of percussion sounds from many eras and cultures around the globe and throughout time. Ethnic percussion instruments, although seemingly simple in structure and performance, are capable of expressing the complex emotions of a culture. These include popular percussion instruments such as cajons, congas and tablas; metallic instruments such as cowbells, and triangles, along with rare ethnic percussion sounds. With Wavedrum, you have instant access to instruments such as the udu, a clay pod percussion instrument; the jegog, a bamboo gamelan marimba from the island of Bali; a talking drum from Africa, gongs, and many other instruments that often require special playing skills. Not strictly limited to percussion sounds, Wavedrum includes stringed instruments such as the sitar, koto, and berimbau as well. For every sound, Wavedrum adds its own new modes of expression, in addition to faithfully re-creating the original sounds. Enjoy 100 preset programs; create 100 programs that are all your own The 100 preset Wavedrum programs range from high-fidelity emulative drum and percussion sounds to a world of new and unique sounds. There are a range of parameters available for editing and tweaking to create new sounds to suit your own music or style of playing. In addition to making changes to pitch, decay time, loudness, reverb, delay, and curve (intensity) of the pressure sensor, you can completely alter the sound by, for example, changing the head material parameter from skin to metal. The combination of DSP and sampled sounds can also be changed to create totally new sounds from scratch. These new programs (up to 100) can be stored in the user area. The Wavedrum also has a Live Mode, which can store up to 12 favorite programs (from the preset or user programs) for selection instantaneously during performance. Jam-along functions for added fun Sure, you can enjoy the Wavedrum just by playing the sounds alone, but the dynamic and interactive Wavedrum adds some special features that provide jam-along abilities for fun or practice. Practice your paradiddles or simply wail away along to 100 loop phrases from various musical genres. Using the AUX input, you can mix in the signal from any audio source - CD, MP3 player, or even an additional Wavedrum. The options are endless. Ready, Set, Go Portable, compact, and lightweight, Wavedrum is ready for any musical outing. Hold Wavedrum on your lap, or play it standing like a hand drum. Place Wavedrum on an ordinary snare drum stand, or add Wavedrum to any electronic or acoustic drum kit. Use Wavedrum as part of a DJ set-up, or add a percussive element to your keyboard rig. Wavedrum is the ideal accent for any vocalist or front person. Using the headphone output allows you to practice in private, anytime, anyplace - without fretting about the neighbors! SpecificationsSynthesis:
    • DSP + PCM Combination
  DSP Algorithms:
    • 36 Total
  PCM Instruments:
    • 200 Total; 100 Head, 100 Rim
    • 200 Total; 100 Preset, 100 User
  Loop Phrases:
    • 100 Total; Various genres and tempos
    • Reverb, Delay
  Panel Controls:
    • Volume, Bank/Mode/Page select,
    • Program/Parameter select, Value control, Write
  Input/Output jacks:
    • Output: L, R ¼" unbalanced
    • Phones: Stereo mini phone jack
    • AUX IN: Stereo mini phone jack
    • 3-character 7-segment LED
  Sampling frequency:
    • 48 kHz
  A/D, D/A conversion:
    • 24 bit
  Power supply:
    • DC9V 1.7A
    • W x D x H: 13.74" x 13.54" x 2.95“
    • 4.41 lbs.
  Included items:
    • AC Adapter, Tuning key, Allen wrench
Weight20.00 kg3.00 kg0.70 kg0.9 kg2.00 kg2.50 kg
Additional information
Weight 20.00 kg
Weight 3.00 kg
Weight 0.70 kg
Weight 0.9 kg
Weight 2.00 kg
Weight 2.50 kg