Artsound and Lights specializes in Professional Sound Services P.A. (Public address), lighting and audiovisual equipment for private and public spaces.

We have collaborated with well-known Greek and foreign artists, companies, organizations, in Thessaloniki and in the rest of Greece who trusted our experience and technical infrastructure to cover events and concerts. Major artistic and cultural events have the stamp of ART SOUND & LIGHTS.

Businesses and Individuals have trusted our services in store openings, shopping malls, product presentations, parties, happenings, awards, music nights.

Businesses and Individuals have trusted our services in:

Store opening, Inauguration of shopping malls, Product presentation, Party, Hapenings, Awards, Music nights, Concerts.

Mr. Savopoulos
Mr. Savopoulos
Mr. Maxairitsas
Mr. Maxairitsas
Mr. Maxairitsas
Live Sound Engineering by ArtSound & Lights.

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