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Art Sound and Lights was established in 1985 and ever since is one of Thessaloniki’s top firms that is offering services in professional audio and lighting equipment. It’s located in Papafi 50, Thessaloniki.

Our company has proven itself as an established organization dedicated to providing services and support to professional needs.

We are offering services and products concerning professional sound and light systems to cover any possible needs. We reinforced concerts of Greeks and Foreign artists, who trusted us with our technical support and our experienced staff. Some of the biggest events in Thessaloniki and northern Greece are being carried out by our brand. Following the continuous growth of technology, we managed to arm ourselves with the latest sound and light equipment. We are proud of having successfully achieved to cover concerts, exhibitions, seminars, and lectures.

Recently we managed to gain giants monitors Ledwall, and Plasmawalls in order to cover any projectional events.  

Our sales department can give solutions to any professional light, sound, multimedia, projection and pc systems. Our technical staff visits your place, consults you about what is the most suitable solution for you, and is at your disposal for after-sale service.

We cover all over Greece with sales and technical assistance offering our website and e-shop with a complete online product catalog.
We can provide flight and rack cases to protect and carry any equipment or music instruments, customized or already made. The construction materials that we use are plywood with a black or blue filter and Adamhall hardware accessories.
We are official dealers of Adamhall audio products and hardware materials.

With twenty years of experience in the professional audio and lighting our friendly, professional staff will be happy to help you.


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