Shipping and order cancellation

3.1. Shipping Methods
For your own service and accommodation the e-shop offers the following alternative shipping methods:

A) Geniki Taxydromiki/TNT courier

B) Porta Porta – Greek Postage courier (ELTA)

C) Post Helenic

By choosing the courier shipping method in Greece, the products are delivered to the customer the next working day.

The shipping cost is order depended and you get a related e-mail about it.

3.2. Transfer Conditions

All goods travel at cusmoter’s own risk and expense and Artsound@Lights is not responsible for any loss or damage.

3.3. Product price

You may choose to show prices including VAT or excluding VAT by clicking “Inc / Ex. VAT” button.

3.4. Products restitution
Restitution of part or the entire order of the customer is acceptable if artsound and lights co has incorrectly proceeded an order or any products of the orde and will be accepted within 14 days.

3.5. Products guarantee

Product guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.

3.5. Refunds

Refunds are acceptable only if Artsound and Lights co is unable to proceed the order and it concerns paragraphs 2.5.B and 2.5.C.

3.5. Product restitutions at the shop

The restitution policy concerns and is defined by the current e-shop of Artsound and Lights CO at which the order has been applied. The rightful representatives of the company are exclusively responsible for the products restitution services of the customers, for any reason.

3.6. Contacting the e-shop

The customer can contact with the e-shop of Artsound and Lights CO at which his/her order has been placed, by using the contact information that is shown at the contact web page of the e-shop.

3.7. Customer Comminations and Complains

In any case that a customer makes certain that the given information, regarding the e-shop identity of Artsound and Lights CO, is incomplete or / and incorrect or the the shown products or services information (as the description and the main features of the products and the services), the charges and the payment methods are incomplete, misleading or incorrect, he/she can contact the e-shop of Artsound and Lights CO at the e-mail:

3.8 Venue & Applicable Laws

Any difference, disagreement or claim resulted by the use of the e-shop of Artsound and Lights CO, or the attached contracts of purchasing-selling of products and services, will be arranged by the Greek Justice and suitable for their settlement will be the Courts of the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

3.9 Terms Acceptance

The customer declares that he/she explicitly and unreservedly accepts the above terms of use and also he/she accepts to make any purchase by them. The terms of use of the transaction amidst the customer and the e-shop of Artsound and Lights CO, has been read by the both the customer and the representatives of the e-shop.

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